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 14  Dave Hoffman and Friends
 15  Doug Stone Quartet
 16  John Miller & Preston Jackson
 17  John Miller
 18  Knox College Jazz
Doug Stone Quartet
 19  Dave Hoffman and Friends
Ben & Kate
Old Shoe
Sarah & The Underground
John Miller & the Romaniacs
The Road Less Traveled
Odd Sox Band
Doug Stone Quartet
Alison Hanna and friends
Chris Tarpley
 20  The Roundstone Buskers
Dexter O'Neal and The Funk Yard
Dave Lumsden & Friends
Harlan, Meister & Mitts
BackSeat Radio
Shannon Moore
Paul Weddle and Jason Hattermann - 3 1/2 Men
Nick the band
Harvest Sons
Hollow Down
Back Stabbin Betty
 21  Dave Hoffman and Friends
 23  John Miller & Preston Jackson
 24  John Miller & Mike Nellas
 25  Knox College Jazz
James Herr Acoustic
Brian Carroll Acoustic
Mindy Watkins
 26  Dave Hoffman and Friends
Ben & Kate
Jonny Quest band
Sarah & the Underground
The Whiskey Trust
Nathan Taylor & Friends
Cousin Eddie
Watkins Howard & Kroll
Mindy Watkins with Sam Wyman
Alison Hanna
Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle
Black Dirt Reviva
 27  JammSammich
Draft Culture
Dexter and The Funk Yard
Judy Page Project
Off the Cuff
Luciano Antonio
Stone & Snow
Carl Bopp
JuJu Jonny
Tim 'Magic Man' Barnes
Second Wind
Just Chris and Company
Harlan, Meister & Mitts
 28  Dave Hoffman and Friends
The Central Illinois Jazz Society
Daniel Watkins & Aaron Kelly
 29  Joe and Jerry
 30  John Miller & Preston Jackson
 May 1  Carl Bopp
John Miller
 2  Knox College Jazz
Josh Thompson
 3  Dave Hoffman and Friends
Ben & Kate
Cousin Eddie
Charlie Hayes
Rachel's Hippo
Michael Layne
Carl Bopp
Edward David Anderson
The Blank Stairs
The Kilborn Alley Blues Band
Dexter O'Neal & Funkyard
Surco w/ Blind Colors
 4  Easy Riders
Matt Eckberg
Tyler Shepke
Highway J
The Parke
Eric Lambert
Spring Fling
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