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 14  The Painkillers Blues Band
 17  Kevin Hart Trio
Nathan Taylor Band
 18  Cousin Eddie
 19  Kellehers On Water
West MacQueen St. Band
Dennis and the Bad Decisions
Nick Sizemore and the Saddletramps
Carl Bopp
Matt Miller
James Herr
Black Velvet
Chase Sieting
Gary Cates
David Berchtold
Steve Degenford
 20  JammSammich
Joe Stamm Band
Alison Hanna
Roundstone Buskers
BackSeat Radio
Straight Answer Jazz Trio
Smokers Blues Band
Sister Mary Elephant
Top 4D
Matt Miller & Allison Lowman
 21  Ross Hollow
Greg Williams
 24  Johnny Walker
 25  Larry Harms’ Laughing Horse Quartet
 26  Brushville
Random Strangers
Charlie Hayes
Harvest Sons
The Road Less Traveled
Bobby & Holly and The Buncha Bastards
Chasing Rachel
Pippi & Daniel
Pocket Mouse
Patrick and Swayze band
Dexter O'Neal & Funkyard
Donna & Friends Trio
 27  Dexter O'Neal & the Funk Yard
Spurs and Lace
Cousin Eddie
Top 4D
Phannie Rae and The Soul Shakers
Jennifer Rusk and Ed Campbell
 July 1  Matt Miller
 2  The Jams
 3  Highway J
Paul Weddle and Jason Hattermann - 3 1/2 Men
Chase Sieting
Dennis and the Bad Decisions
Matt Eckberg
Matt Miller
Water Street Stompers
Water Street Stompers
 4  Spurs and Lace
Asbury Fox
Dexter and The Funk Yard
Cousin Eddie
Alison Hanna
Alison Hanna, Roy Ponce
Decade of Decadence
Water Street Stompers
Still Shine
 8  Matt Eckberg
Brian Carroll
 9  Kevin Hart & the Vibe Tribe
 10  Corn Wolves
Cousin Eddie
Goodnight Gracie
The Road Less Traveled
Chris Tarpley
Harland, Meister & Mitts
Matt Eckberg
Close and RAW
Captain Quirk
Neal Bowling
Jim & Tommy
John Wahl
 11  Decade of Decadence
3 1/2 Men
Chicago Farmer & Dan Watkins
Roundstone Buskers
Whiskey Bent
Matt Eckberg
One More Shot
ZA Funk
Now & Then
Stone Cold Cowboys
Sidewall Shine
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