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 9  Ed Kaizer
Dave Hoffman and Friends
James Herr Acoustic
Bela & Mat’s Acoustifire
 11  John Miller & Preston Jackson
Ed Kaizer
 12  John Miller
 13  Knox College Jazz
Carl Bopp
The Holdouts
Brian Carroll Acoustic
Ed Kaizer
Country Music Festival
 14  Dave Hoffman and Friends
Ben & Kate
Dexter and The Funk Yard
Mindy Watkins
West MacQueen St. Band
Spurs and Lace
Close and RAW
Charlie Hayes
Dave Lumsden & Friends
David Berchtold
Goodnight Gracie
Janet Evra Quartet
Cole Hollow
Country Music Festival
Street Party at Kelleher’s
Decade of Decadence
Seth Cocquit & Daniel Watkins
ZA Funk
James Herr
 15  Jonny Quest Band
Nathan Taylor Band
Chicago Farmer & Dan Watkins
Kevin Hart Trio
The Blank Stairs
Harlan, Meister & Mitts
Chase Sieting
Country Music Festival.
Bogart Jones
Little Jam Band
Simply This Quintet
 16  Ed Kaizer
Dave Hoffman and Friends
Country Music Festival
Kind of Blue
 17  Flatland Harmony Experiment
 18  John Miller & Preston Jackson
Ed Kaizer
 19  Carl Bopp
Illinois Central Jazz Train
Nathan Taylor & Friends
Smokers Blues Band
Peoria Municipal Band
No Reason
 20  Knox College Jazz
Cousin Eddie
CEFCU Center Stage
Ed Kaizer
Chase Sieting
 21  Dave Hoffman and Friends
Ben & Kate
Dexter O'Neal and The Funk Yard
Sarah & The Underground
Jonny Quest band
Eddie and Judy Howard
The Kilborn Alley Blues Band
Harlan, Meister & Mitts
Chip McNeill Quartet
West MacQueen St. Band
JuanGablin w/ Janathan Wright
Rodney Atkins
Captain Quirk
Kelleher's Street Party
Up the Creek
Shady Mayor
The Jam Sessions in Thunder Valley
Katelyn Kocher and Band
 22  Random Strangers
Chip McNeill Quartet
Coco Loco
Sgt Eggman
The Accidentals, Blank Stairs, Strat & Strad
Dexter O'Neal & Funk Yard
New Cats
Harland, Meister & Mitts
The Holdouts
Dennis and the Bad Decisions
Geoff Atteberry & Bobby Bosley
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