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Name David Hoffman
Talent Trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, keyboards
Group Ray Charles Orchestra, David Hoffman Quintet
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Since 1991 David has toured as a trumpet soloist with Ray Charles, terrorizing over 40 different countries and 45 of the states. David splits the rest of his time between San Diego, CA, where he plays with several jazz and brasilian groups, and Central Illinois, where he imposes his presence on the Central Illinois Jazz Society, as well as making unscheduled appearances at local jazz hangouts such as Panache, One World, Martini's, and any other place that will tolerate him for brief periods. Occasionally he will book a gig with his own band, the David Hoffman Quintet.David has not shaved since 1973.

From Energy to Stillness (David Hoffman), Groovin (David Hoffman), Christmas In Your Heart (David Hoffman), Ray Charles Live at the Montreux (Ray Charles), Ray Charles 94 (Ray Charles), Fiera (Josias dos Santos, View From the Plain (Paul Adams), Wonder Dancing on Global Bop (Paul Adams), The Land That I Came From (Paul Adams).

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